Oh, how many times has that happened to you? Fortunately, for many of you reading this right now, it hasn’t, but you had better believe this, it can. You see, even in business, Murphy’s Law and just plain rotten luck still applies. As a responsible business owner, of course, the chances of that happening are less than likely. You would usually do everything within your power to ensure that your business is secured during business hours and especially after hours.

After hours is important. The best locks and doors in the business secure your business, lock, stock and barrel as they say, and quite literally. But sure enough, it can happen. In the most unlikeliest and unluckiest of circumstances, an emergency exit or entrance will need to be made, and who to turn to when that happens. Under duress, when you and your staff (what are the odds of that happening?) have misplaced all opening and closing mechanisms, you will be relieved to know that you can call up a 24 hr emergency door service operator.

This does not, of course, need to apply to only opening and closing of doors at a moment’s notice, and especially during unfortunate emergencies. It can and should apply for everyday occurrences as well. The same door service operator can put into place mechanisms that ensure that only you and those you have entrusted with the security of your premises have stewardship of premises entries and exits. Will there be a plan B, if needs be?

This question is easily answered by yourself, and yes, there should always be another plan in place, especially during emergencies. Keep door repair and installation mechanics, as well as trusted locksmiths in your emergency contacts book at all times.